Ace Combat

The Ace Combat series are combat flight simulation games made by Namco. Much of the games take elements from real life wars, such as the Persian Gulf War, the Cold War, and World War II, among others.

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  • Amidst the blue skies, a link from past to future. The sheltering wings of the protector...
  • The flames of hatred scorch the skies, igniting Gaia's funeral pyre...

Hangar Speech

Good morning, troops. I have an important announcement. In one hour, each one of you will take part in the most important mission in our history...A mission that will result in the defeat of the vile enemy who has brought chaos to our continent. Although we are from different nations and of different races, we have fought, suffered and died together... Fighting for what we believe in... Fighting for freedom. Today, we shall gather for the final liberate our beautiful continent and restore freedom to our people, our friends and our families. Our victory will herald the beginning of a new era of prosperity for the Usean Continent. Victory will be ours! We shall return peace to our people. We will win back our freedom...and our future. The skies belong to everyone...Now, let us take back our "shattered skies"!


  • "Cleared to engage."
  • "Mobius 1, engage."
  • "Today's my birthday! A victory sure would be nice"
  • "Mobius 1, fox two."
  • "Shack on the target."
  • "Fox one fox one!"
  • "All aircraft cleared to engage any and all targets. Sink the 'invincible' Aegir Fleet while they're at anchor. Good luck."
  • "The outcome of the war rests on you, so stay focused on whats at hand. Remember, survival is paramount, good luck to you all!"
  • "And Mobius 1, an end to the war would be a nice birthday gift as well."
  • "Splash one!"
  • "I see him! I've got Mobius 1 on Radar!"
  • "All aircraft hit the deck and prepare for impact."*
  • "Incoming from Stonehenge detected. 30 seconds 'till impact."*

Yellow 13

  • "Eject, Yellow 4."
  • "Yellow 13 here, did anyone see 4 get out?"
  • "Who was it that shot me? See who's responsible for that shot!"
  • "Engage as a formation. No single ship attacks."
  • "The poor fuel quality is affecting thrust."
  • (referring to Mobius 1's destruction of Stonehenge) "Here's something worthy of praise. Even among the enemy, there are men like this. Not all of them are despicable bastards who rob our wings through cowardly sabotage."


  • Comona Rocket Base: "Attention all aircraft, this is Comona Base. This rocket launch is critical. Maintain air superiority until the launch is complete."

  • Comona Rocket Base: "Rocket has reached 40,000 feet. It is now immune to enemy action. Thanks to you, the launch was a success."

  • AWACS SkyEye: "SkyEye here. All Mobius aircraft report in."
    Mobius Squadron: "Mobius 2 on standby."
    Mobius Squadron: "Mobius 3 through 7 on standby."
    Mobius Squadron: "Mobius 8 on standby."
    AWACS SkyEye: "Preparations are complete, ready for battle. All aircraft, follow Mobius 1!"
  • Yellow Leader (Jean-Louis): "I see them. Got a tally ho on the bandits."
    Yellow Squadron (Gene): "You're not going to believe this, Jean-Louis! All of them have ribbon insignias!"

  • Unknown Yellow (1) "Only Erusian fighters should be flying in this airspace!"
    Unknown Yellow (2) "Sweep them from our skies!"

  • Yellow Squadron (Gene)"Oh no! Jean-Louis' been hit!"
    Yellow Squadron "Gene, get a grip! You've got to take over the command!"

  • AWACS SkyEye: "Target destroyed! There he is! We have Mobius 1 on radar!"

/>Friend G: "Bravo 1 here, that plane that flew in, is it alright?" />AWACS SkyEye: "Yes, he's fine! I got a visual on him right now!" />Friend G: "So, did we win the war?" />AWACS SkyEye: "I don't know. History determines the winner. But there's one thing I can say for certain. Heroes really do exist. We've just seen one, and now he's coming home."
  • Yellow Squadron: "We're cleared to engage. Splash all hostile aircraft."

/>Yellow Squadron: "Roger. Initiating attack on all hostile aircraft."
  • Letter Writer: (From the trailer) I was just a child when the stars fell from the skies, but I remember how we built a cannon to destroy them and in turn how that cannon brought war upon us. War was an abstract thing, nothing more than a show on TV. Until on that final day of summer...
  • Letter Writer: The faint scent of perfume...
  • Usean Anthem: O'er azure skies and emerald plains, where freedom and justice prevail, with courage and strength, we'll fight to the end for liberty in our land!
  • Tango 2: "Tango 2 here, we need backup on passageway 6."
  • Tango 2':' "Altman! use your grenades!
  • Tango 2: "Leave him! he's dead!
  • Tango 2: "They got a flamethrower!
  • Friend: A yellow's hit & trailing smoke. Who's kill was that?
    Yellow: Who was it that shot me? See who's responsible for that shot!
    Enemy: It's a Ribbon! (referring to Mobius 1)
  • Unknown ally: RADIO FAILURE!

Loading Quotes

  • Amidst the eternal waves of time
    From a ripple of change shall the storm rise
    Out of the abyss peer the eyes of a demon
    Behold the Razgriz, its wings of black sheath
  • The demon soars through dark skies
    Fear and death trail in its shadow beneath
    Until men united wield a hallowed sabre
    In final reckoning, the beast is slain
  • As the demon sleeps man turns on man
    His blood and madness soon cover the earth
    From the depths of despair awaken the Razgriz
    Its raven wings ablaze in majestic light
  • Nothing else comes close (shown in free mission and video gallery)
  • Focus. Control. Conviction. Resolve. A true ace lacks none of these attributes. Nothing can deter you from the task at hand except your own fears. This is your sky. (Operation Katina, shown directly below the mission objectives)

Jack "Heartbreak 1" Bartlett

  • "I hate not being able to move in three dimensions. Cramps my style."
  • "I don't mind all the attractions guys, but next time, pay for your own tickets!"
  • "You know, you've always been too damn serious, Hamilton."
  • "The problem with you Hamilton is that you don't known the difference between friend or foe; terror is not your friend!"
  • "Hey, don't be showing those legs too much. It's distracting."

Kei "Edge" Nagase

  • AWACS Thunderhead: "Edge, you lead the formation."

/>Nagase: "Negative. You take the lead Blaze, I'll fly on your left wing."
AWACS Thunderhead: "Second Lieutenant Nagase, follow your orders!"
Nagase: "No, Blaze is leading, I'll protect his six o'clock and I'm not gonna lose another flight lead."
  • "It's like this enemy came straight out of the demon legends."
  • "It's okay. I know Blaze will come for me."
  • "Protect Blaze? I'm the one being protected."
  • "Razgriz, the demon from the world of fairy tales."
  • "Very impressive captain!"
  • "Missile! Break! Break!"
  • "What are Belkan pilots doing here?"
  • "Belka's behind all this, the country that was defeated 15 years ago. If this is the truth, then what was this war all about?"
  • "Anything built by human hands can be destroyed. This is no exception."

Marcus "Swordsman" Snow

  • "Quit screwing around, this is war! The enemy is all over and they're gonna eat you alive!"
  • "Everything below 5,000 feet was just annihilated!"
  • Snow: "Blaze, I would like to thank you"
    Grimm: "Captain Snow?"
    Snow: "Flying as a wingman again. I know now how my men felt."

Alvin "Chopper" Davenport

  • "Oh yeah, just weave through the missiles. What are you, NUTS?!"
  • "These guys sound as beautiful as Thunderhead. Sweet as a rose, I tell ya."
  • "Heh heh...I'm gonna miss that voice."
  • "Heh heh Nagase's actually going down to look."
  • "No kid! You're too young to be a smoking hole on the ground!" (When the player crashes)
  • "I'll drop it right in the middle of the stadium."
  • "I can't believe we chose this mission with a damn coin again!"
  • Chopper: (Singing Badly) "Thoughts endless in flight, day turns to night...
    Grimm: "That isn't exactly rock 'n roll, you know?
    Chopper: "Who cares? They wanna get along with the enemy too, right? Man, this song's got soul!"
  • "Blaze, maintain altitude, keep that plane up! Blaze!" (When player crashes)
  • [Mockingly] "Thunderhead, this is Razgriz 3, roger that."

Hans "Archer" Grimm

  • "Oh, he'll quiet down soon. It wouldn't be a surprise attack if he came along with us."
  • "I believe him! As long as the Captain's with us, we can do the impossible!"
  • "Captain, do you believe in the demon of Razgriz?"
  • "I missed!"
  • "Here comes a missle, I better dodge it."
  • "They'll learn soon enough, our ace can't be shot down."
  • "I'm feeling a little dizzy... Sir!"
  • (When player chashes) "Captain! Please respond!"


  • Yuktobanian Squadron leader: "You may fire at your discretion
  • Albert Genette: "Who do you think's covering up the battle?"
    Heartbreak One: "Listen, the only thing across that ocean is Murska Air Base. That's Yuktobanian territory."
    Albert Genette: "But, haven't we been allies with the Yukes since the war fifteen years ago?"
  • Captain Hamilton: "Well, we don't have any reason to hold you anymore."
    Albert Genette: "What do you mean?"
    Captain Hamilton: "Yuktobania just declared war. They've launched an offensive simultaneously too. Our naval port at St. Hewlett is getting bombed right now."
  • Albert Genette: "That pilot in the No 7 plane was amazing! Did you see her fight back?"
    Heartbreak One: "I couldn't bear to watch. Nagase, you keep flying like that and you'll die real soon!"
    Nagase: "I won't die, sir."
    Heartbreak One: "Are you sure? You look like you couldn't hurt a fly."
  • Osean Company D: "Uhh, this is company D. I have a favor to ask. Could you bomb our monster of a captain from the air for us?"
    Blaze: No.
    Osean Company D: Oh, sorry just kidding. Psst, Lance! The plan failed! We gotta think of another one!
    Blaze: "Yes."
    Osean Company D: "Great! I'll send you the cordinates as soon as I- AAUGHH!!"
  • Osean Company D Commander: "They'll never call us losers again!!"
  • AWACS Thunderhead: "Warning! Warning! Wardog squadron return to base immediately!"
  • Snow: "Quit screwing around, this is war! The enemy is all over and they're gonna eat you alive!"
    Chopper: "Ah...I'll stick to the trail position today, thanks."
  • Chopper: "Man, this is ridiculous. I can't believe they choose our next mission with a damn coin AGAIN!"
    AWACS Thunderhead: "This is AWACS Thunderhead. Captain Davenport, how many times do I have to tell you to cut the chatter?!"
    Chopper: "Thunderhead, this is Razgriz 3, roger that."
    AWACS Thunderhead: "What did you just say?"
  • Osean 3rd Fleet: "Enemy anti-ship missiles launched! Begin phalanx fire! (gunfire) "No! Stop! You're firing on the docks!"
  • Osean G: "This is not a drill."
    Osean 3rd Fleet: "Oh, thanks for the heads up you idiot!"
  • Rookie Osean Pilot: "The eject handle's stuck!"
  • Captain Andersen: "A group of comrades has come to our aid. Protect these brave souls!...Commence battle! We are not alone!"
  • Heartbreak One: "Okay. This is Heartbreak One to all units. Can you hear my voice?"
    Blaze: "No."
    Heartbreak One: "Hey, that means you can hear me!"
  • Rookie Osean Pilot: "No! I don't want to die!"
  • Hrimfaxi: "Ballast tanks damaged! Unable to submerge!"
    Hrimfaxi: "Forget it! We'll just have to deal with them above the surface!"
    Grimm: "The Hrimfaxi's stopped its dive! We've damaged it!"
    AWACS Thunderhead: "Hrimfaxi launching burst missile!"
    AWACS Thunderhead:"Wardog! It's headed your way!"
    AWACS Thunderhead:"Climb! Zoom to above 5,000 feet!"
  • 8492nd Leader: This is the 8492nd squadron. We have a visual on the enemy. Engaging.
  • Grimm: It's them!
    AWACS Thunderhead: This is Thunderhead. Roger, 8492nd squadron. Are those guys really traitors?
    8492nd Leader: Yeah.
    AWACS Thunderhead: I don't believe it.
    Hamilton: You can believe what you want, but it's the truth. 8492nd squadron, you have permission to shoot down those planes.
    8492nd Leader: 8492nd, roger.
  • AWACS Oka Nieba: La la la...listen to our beautiful voice! This is AWACS, Oka Nieba. That would mean 'Sky Eye' in your language."
  • Catapult Controller: "Raising pressure, 70, 80, 90, Point 15,48,32 Confirmed Roger.
    Catapult launcher: "Roger that sir, we're ready to launch anytime!"
    Flight Deck Officer: "Flight deck to all flight crews, hurry up we've got more coming!"
    Catapult launcher: "This is the flight deck, roger that sir."
    Control Tower: "Take-off complete. Next craft begin take-off procedures."
  • Patrol Car Charlie 11: Baker 7, I'm going to attack [the military helicopters] myself!
    Patrol Car Baker 7: Hey Charlie 11, what's that you got in the back seat?!
    Patrol Car Charlie 11: That's my anti-tank rifle! I brought it with me from home!
  • Patrol Car Baker 7: Charlie 11, we need a Code 3 response to find a dad missing from his daughter's birthday party...
    Patrol Car Charlie 11: ...10-4! Proceeding to the scene immediately!
  • Yuke Helicopter: Ofnir Squadron, flying through this ravine is extremely dangerous.
    Ofnir Squadron: Ofnir 1 to all planes. No obstacles to our flight observed.
    Yuke Helicopter: Hey...didn't you hear me? Turn back!
  • Arkbird (Adler): Adler to Schenze, we're under attack!
    Belkan Base (Schenze): What?! The Osean army's supposed to be wrapped around our finger! Who the hell?!
    Arkbird (Adler): Black bodies...that emblem...
    Arkbird (Adler): It's them! The Ghosts of Razgriz! The survivors of the Ofnir squadron told me about them!
    Belkan Base (Schenze): Launch the vogels. Get rid of them!
  • 8492nd squadron: This is the 8492nd Squadron.
  • Ofnir 1: Rise, my fallen brothers! Rise up with the power of your hatred!
  • Ofnir 1: Let us be blessed with glory as we cross the gates of hell!
  • Pops: "I found out something myself. That Belkan aggressor force I was telling you about? Apparently they called the 8492nd squardron, and here's the kicker, Captain Hamilton, the adjutant base commander here, used to be assigned to the 8492nd."
    Albert Genette: "What?"
  • [During 'A Call For Peace' broadcast]
President Vincent Harling:...and I do so with the honorable Yuktobanian Prime Minister Nikanor by my side. We have resolved our terrible and unfortunate differences, and the war is now over.
[ushers Nikanor to podium]
Prime Minister Seryozha Nikanor: This is Prime Minister Nikanor, Head of Government for the Union of Yuktobanian Republics. Attention all officers and soldiers of Osea and Yuktobania currently on the battlefield.
[invites Harling to step forward] Please watch as President Harling and I stand shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand. President Harling's words are true. The war is over, but there is still one more battle left to be fought.
Harling: We believe that those who have tried to stir hatred between us are preparing a weapon that could wipe out half of all metropolitan areas in both of our countries. Our forces are in the air as we speak, determined to stop this plan dead in its tracks. Which of our countries will be hit by this machine of destruction? That we do not know.
Nikanor: However, that is not important. No matter which of our countries gets hit, it will be a severe blow to all of us.
Harling: So I ask you, members of the military, if you see it in your hearts, please utilise the resources available to you to help our brave pilots, who are now flying east [looks up] to meet the enemy.
Nikanor: To those who still dare to hide behind the power of their hateful weapons, bring yourself to the light of peace and harmony! (
Cheers and Applause from audience)
  • Kirk: Woof woof, woof!
    Blaze: Yes.
    Kirk: Woof!
  • Lt. Col. Ford: I trust you can hold the runway until we arrive?

/>Blaze: No. />Lt. Col. Ford: That's an order! We'll be in danger if we don't land! You WILL obey!!
  • Patrol Car Baker 7: It's really ticking me off just sitting here doing nothing!
  • Nagase: I can see the light to the east... morning's coming.
    Grimm: Our night flight is over.
    Grimm: I can' wait to see it, the most beautiful sunrise ever.
    Snow: And the sun will continue to rise, now and forever.
    Grimm: I just remembered, my birthday is coming up next week.
    Snow: See, aren't you glad you're still alive?
    Grimm: I bet my mom will be happy to see my brother come back from Yuktobania.
    Snow: You ought to go make her happy too, we're almost done here.
    Snow: Captain, I want to thank you.
    Grimm: Captain Snow?
    Snow: Flying as a wingman again, I now know how my men felt.
    Nagase: I vow to myself I'd never lose another flight lead.
    Nagase: ...and that's what's keeping me flying until now. So please...
    Nagase: Please, Blaze, let me fly as your wingman just a little while longer.

Loading Quotes

  • For after all what is man in nature? A nothing in relation to infinity, all in relation to nothing. A central point in between nothing and all and infinitely far from understanding either. -Blaise Pascal
  • Then nothingness was not, nor existence. There was no air then, nor heavens beyond it. Who covered it? Where was it? In whose keeping? Was there then cosmic water, in depths unfathomed? -Creation Hymn from the Rig Veda.
  • All held the finite and infinite as unrelated. None could foresee that the history of the two would become one. -Unknown author.
  • Without beginning or end, the ring stretches to infinite. (Final mission) -Unknown author.
  • Eclipsing power is, at times, not only the instrument of demons, but also of gods. -Huckebein the Raven
    • The final quote can be obtained by getting an S rank on all missions at Ace difficulty.

Larry "Pixy" Foulke

Galm 2 : "A Brother in Arms"
  • First Lines: "Oh, him? Yeah, I know him. It's going to take a while. It happened years ago. Did you know...there are three kind of aces? Those who seek strength, those who live for pride, and those who can read the tide of battle. Those are the three. And him, he was a true ace."
  • "It was a cold and snowy day..."
  • (parts of dialogue change depending on ace style gauge) "Every time I flew with him, his skill stood out. He was unstoppable...
    (Knight path)...He was cool-headed and proud. A combat professional. Demon Lord fit him perfectly. Maybe the man was blessed by the goddess of war...
    (Soldier path)...He would ascertain the situation in an instant, and change the tide of battle. He was born for combat. It was no wonder they called him Demon Lord. That said, it was hell trying to keep up with him...
    (Mercenary path)...It didn't matter where the battlefield was, the man had complete trust in his own powers. He was born for battle. A Demon Lord who struck down all opposition. He paid no heed to the troubles of those who flew with him...
    ...Before long, everyone had taken notice of him. More and more would show up to watch him go off on sortie. Mercenaries or maintenance crew, it didn't matter. People wanted to burn his image into their memories. Hell, they weren't the only ones."
  • "I should have died that day. But I didn't. I dragged my wounded body and reached ground zero of the nuclear detonations. A barren, empty land. I felt an unbearable sadness when I witnessed that landscape. There were still people living there. They were the ones that saved me. It may be true that the world has no need of borders. But would getting rid of them really change anything? The world won't change for the better unless we trust people. Trust is vital in a peaceful world. But that will never happen. I'm still on the battlefield. Right now I'm near a border. I want to see for myself what borders really mean and what their volition really is. I may not find what I'm looking for, but I still want to try. Anyway, that's what I've come to believe, and I think that's enough. Will he see this video? If you do meet him, give him a message for me. 'Yo buddy, still alive? And thanks friend. See you again...."
  • "Yo, still alive?"
  • "Buddy...I've found a reason to fight."
  • "Hornets..don't let 'em sting you in the ass."
  • "This twisted game needs to be reset... We'll start over from zero with this V2, and trust the future to the next generation."
  • "Those who live for a long time on the battlefield start to think they're invincible...I bet you do too, buddy."
  • "Fire away, coward!"
  • "Come on!!" (After player defeats ADFX-02 for the third time.)
  • "This is where we go our separate ways."
  • "Here comes the snow..."
  • "Enemy confirmed down. That's a kill for Galm 1."
  • "So...have you found a reason to fight yet? Buddy."
  • "This war would end if they blew everything up."
  • "This is The Round Table. Dead men's words hold no meaning."
  • "We WILL survive, Galm 1!"
  • "Can you see any borders from here? What have borders given us?"
  • "You fired up? Come shoot me down!"
  • "Strike while the iron's hot."
  • (Mercenary Path) "It's pretty ironic, buddy. Two dogs like us fighting the last battle."
  • (Soldier Path) "It's not over, buddy. This is where it all starts. You know what I'm talking about, right?"
  • (Knight Path) "There's only one way, buddy. You gotta fight for what you believe in."
  • "There's no mercy in war. People live and people die. That's all there is to it."
  • "You and I are opposite sides of the same coin. When we face each other, we can finally see our true selves. There may be a resemblance, bet we never face the same direction."
  • "Now we find out who's number one!"
  • "It looks like we both got what it takes."
  • "Nah, I'm just sad." (Crow 3 (PJ) asked if he had anything wrong with his plane as he was behind)
  • "There is no mercy in war. It's a collision of powers."

Patrick James "PJ" Beckett

  • "What? This is no time to talk about my personal life!"
  • "And I like to play polo. You know, the game with the horses? ...Maybe We should get going, now."
  • "This is Crow team's number 3. Name's PJ. I'll support you any way I can, Galm team."
  • "By the way, PJ stands for Patrick James."
  • "We did it! We stopped the V-2 launch! We're gonna be rich!" (Mercenary type ace)
  • "We did it! We stopped the V-2 launch! The war's finally over!" (Soldier type ace)
  • "We did it! We stopped the V-2 launch! We're gonna be branded as heroes!" (Knight type ace)
  • "So it is true. A genuine Ace has mercy on the weak."
  • "Galm 2 have you got a problem with your craft?"

Detlef "Red Swallow" Fleisher

Rot 1 : A Pilot who Lives by Pride
  • "Rot 1 to all craft. Time to hunt some wild dogs. Down 'em all!"
  • "A nation is comprised of individuals who live in its borders. It can only become a nation when it is supported by those individuals. But mercenaries who cross the lines and allegiance for money have no country to protect...They only fight for their own power and fame. But if that was the case then how did I lose to him? Maybe not having the burden of a nation allows you to fly faster."
  • "Back then, I was bursting with pride. I wanted to lead us to victory, for Belka's honor. Staying where it was nice and warm wouldn't accomplish anything. My flight's mission was to maintain air superiority in Area B7R, an essential area we couldn't allow to be violated. That day, when I heard the order from HQ for reinforcements, I became angry. The stationed force was in chaos just because of two mercenaries. There was no way the mighty Belkan Air Force could lose to mere mercenaries. My pride was shot and the Round Table was defiled. What went wrong? Whatever it may be, the fact remains that I was forced to walk a different path from the one I envisioned."
  • "Mercenary dogs."
  • "Don't think you'll leave Area B7R alive."
  • "That's all they are. They're nothing like us."
  • "Money hungry dogs are without an ounce of honour."
  • "Enough playing around. I'll drive them to the flames."
  • "Rot 1 to all units, do not disengage until they have both been defeated."
  • "I've never seen flying like that in Belka."
  • "You will be my seventh plane downed in B7R."
  • "How can Ustio mercenary dogs fly so well?"
  • "Mercenaries are driven by money. They shouldn't be able to beat us."
  • "I've been hit? That lowlife mercenary!"

Bernard "Owl" Schmidt

Grun 1: The Strategist
  • "Looks like you mercenaries made the wrong choice."
  • "Ustio planes. Mercenaries. I think I'm going to enjoy this."
  • "War is fought on the desk of politicians. As long as they win in the end, that's all that matters. But for us, it's a matter of survival. In order to survive, you need to analyze the situation in an instant. It's the same as living in a city. The rules of this little city apply just as well to that wide open sky. That guy had the same feel about him as this city."
  • "All Grun units, set eject handles to green."
  • "Report."
    "This is Grun 2. There's two of 'em."
    "Well then. Let's have some fun."
  • "I had a bad feeling when I was flying towards the Round Table. Why would they have such problems downing two mercenaries? I figured it was temporary chaos and it'd be over by the time I got there. The pilots of the Belkan Air Force are true professionals, but when I saw the situation I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought maybe my IFF was malfunctioning. There were still two enemies on the radar. Everyone else in my squadron had the same reaction. "This is really happening..." Every now and then someone like that appears on a battlefield. Someone special, y'know? I squinted my eyes and confirmed the situation, checked the terrain, air currents, his plane, his maneuvers, and his remaining ammo. I figured I could do it. I knew what I was getting into, but he still outmaneuvered me beyond my expectation."
  • "Those bastards. All planes, it's time to get serious!"
  • "It looks like they aren't joking. There's only two."
  • "They think they can survive in the Round Table?"
  • "This is an interesting pilot. Unorthodox to say the least."
  • "I'm going for their throat. It's kill or be killed with these dogs."
  • "All of our planes are forced on defence. Who are they?"
  • "They fly a lot differently than the Oseans."
  • "I haven't had this much fun in a long time."
  • "They're better than I thought."

Dimitri "Indigo Heron" Heinreich

Indigo 1: A Man who Upholds Honour
  • "Indigo 1 to all craft. Target spotted. Commencing attack."
  • "I fly under the code of knighthood. It's only natural since we are the descendants of the Belkan knights. We protect the meek and give our lives for honour, but that does not mean we are generous...since generosity would cost us our lives. If the pilot survived at the end of the war, he must've carried out these rules."
  • "That day, right before I was deployed, my airspace assignment was changed. Initially, my squadron was assigned to the stable eastern front. That was changed to Area B7R. "The Round Table" where casualties were recorded at a fearsome pace. It was also the place where I met him. It was just two planes - him and an Eagle. And yet our lead force didn't stand a chance against them. I knew that he was good and that it was going to be bad for us, but there was something else I noticed. He hesitated. A vulnerability that can be exploited. I was certain I would win. The pilot was still young, and he had yet to master the rules of combat. But in the end, I was shot down."
  • "Unlike you mercenaries, I fight for a real cause."
  • "The ones who survive are those who fight for their convictions."
  • "This Round Table is the pride of Belka. Keep it secure."
  • "The key to victory here is to stick to our flight pattern."
  • "Stay focused. This airspace isn't what we're used to."
  • "Don't show any weakness, or they'll shoot you down."
  • "Ustio is holding their own in the Round Table."
  • "Don't let the Round Table's antics get to you. It's nothing to panic about."
  • "Go for plane one."
  • "I know what's the Round Table, but we can do this, just like anywhere else."
  • "What were those guide planes doing?"

Rainer "Comorant" Altman

Gelb 2 : The Fallen
  • "I met him above this very sky. I can still hear the sound of the missile alerts from that day. I received an order to fly back to Directus on my way back from intercept mission on the southern defence line. The order itself wasn't unusual. We kept being deployed fom one mission to the next without even receiving even the basic maintenance. But the situation was the same all around. We were late reaching the operational space. The stationed squadrons had already retreated and warning bells were going off in the city...and the people were looking up to his plane high above the sky...(next sections of dialogue change based on your ace gauge)
    (Knight Path) ...I couldn't see any emotion in his maneuvers. I didn't feel like I was fighting against a human being. I wanted to end that battle as quickly as possible."
    (Soldier Path) ...It felt like he could see through me. He was always one step ahead of me. He matched every combat maneuver I knew until I used up evey trick in the book."
    (Mercenary Path) ...He pursued me relentlessly. As soon I thought I'd shook him off, there he was again. The never ending sound of the missile alerts put fear in my heart for the first time."
  • "I bailed out and landed here. The Captain was gone. I've lived a comfortable life since then, and I probably have him to thank for that. They ring the bells here at dusk to honour the liberation of the capital. It signals peace, but to me, they are the sounds of death."
  • "There's two of them and two of us. That works in our favour."
  • "It looks like the allied forces have taken control.
  • "We might be too late..."
  • "That's what we are here to do."
  • "Ustio mercenaries. If they're responsible for this, then it's our job to take them out."
  • "This is a major turning point in history."
  • "Captain! Was he shot down?"

Dominic "Vulture" Zubov

Schwarze 1 : The Bringer of Death
  • "There's an annoying fly in the enemy. Alright, change of plans. We'll deal with the escaped craft later."
  • "You're falling behind, mercenary."
  • "Feeling a bit scared? Afraid? That's just death lurking around."
  • "There they are. The mercenary dream team."
  • "Schwarze leader to all units. The escaping craft is heading this way. It's Huckelbein. Don't let your guard down."
  • "Sorry about the accomodations. It goes with the business. I'm not active during the day. Back then, I was a shadow assassin. An "escapee killer". Given the order, I'd even shoot down my own comrades. I received an order to take down deserting craft on that day. It was a typical assignment. But...something unexpected happened. My target was no new recruit, but a top ace of the Belkan Air Force. And he just had to go and run straight into the chaos at the Round Table. The man was sharp just like the rumours. But that wasn't the problem. The problem was that the mercenary team of Solo Wing and him were there. Thanks to them, I lost my target. I figured the best I could do was to take them down in return. Of course, that was where my luck ran out."
  • "Is the man still alive? Though it's hard for bad guys like us to die. The real heroes always manage to die first. But guys like him, Solo Wing and me...we live the rest of our lives in hell. But, then again, being alive was proof that we were good."
  • "What the hell happened...?"
  • (After the player shoots down over half the Schwarze planes, in response to Belkan Squadron member asking if the plane that shot them down was the "Demon of Ustio) "All planes! We don't have time to go game hunting here!"

Erich "Phonix" Hillenberand

Schnee 1 : A Man who Lived for Battle
  • "The instant he shot me, I pulled the lever. I barely managed to escape from my plane as it burst into flames. After drifting from the blast, I landed below the Round table. It was a wide open, barren wasteland. How long would I have to wait for a rescue party? Radio interference within the Round Table was fierce. The odds of a distress signal of reaching anyone was low. I was at a loss of what to do. Anyway, I'd really gone out with a bang this time. I took that as a sign that it was time for me to retire. But then, I heard a roaring overhead. It was his plane. I was jealous of his calm, flying form. Rather than wait for the rescue team I began to walk towards the nearest base. I was driven by the desire to get back up there and fight him again. Of course, it did take me 3 days to get there."
  • "When a fighter plane goes down, that's the end. It disintegrates into pieces, incinerated beyond recognition. It's a scary thought. But it also makes you feel alive. I left the military, but I still fly that sky.'s pretty lonely all by myself. I'd love to fly with him again someday."
  • "Ustio mercenaries! This is going to be fun!"
  • "Target is in firing range. Schnee 1 to all units. Release your missiles."
  • "This is our turf and we'll fly as we please."
  • "Ustio mercenary...nice shooting." (if all F-14s are shot down before the EA-6B)

Dietrich "Boss" Kellerman

Silber 1 : The Reborn Veteran
  • "If you get confused, just let your hands take over. You have enough training to do this in your sleep."
  • "Hatred cannot be the only motivation for war. It only brings about more pointless deaths. I lost most of my students. They were all my children, my flesh and blood. I will never overcome that grief. I'll probably never teach anyone again. Nor will I ever go up in the sky again. I've entrusted everything I know to a new generation. I'll just look on from here."
  • "They're fast. Follow them. This will be your final lesson."
  • "Follow me."
  • "Where did you learn to fly like that, mercenary?"
  • "I wasn't able to cover them." (if all F-16s are shot down before the F-4E)
  • "He was good. From what I'd heard about him, I thought he was just a young mercenary. But he'd matured since then. He still wasn't perfect, but I could see he had come a long way towards understanding the rules of combat. What's important on the battlefield is to let go of your hate, to survive, and adhere to the rules you've set for yourself. These are the rules I've taught my students. And when I saw him, I could tell my time was done. A new generation had inherited the sky. There was no need for an old soldier like me."

Marcela "Macarena" Vasquez

Espada 2 : A Woman of Undying Faith
  • "If the Demon Lord hadn't appeared, our lives might have been different. For me, it wasn't about flying or ideals. Most of all, it was about him; My flight lead. Our mission was to escort the heavy command cruiser that was to act as transportation for the organization. And the Demon Lord appeared, as if to block our paths. I will never forget his overwhelming power. One-by-one, my comrades were shot down, and then the mother bird we were supposed to protect...(next sections of dialogue change based on Ace Style gauge)
    (Knight Path) We survived after the fight. We left our organization and returned to the ground together. But, those whose hearts are in the sky will always return to the sky. He was one of them, and so he left, even though his wounds had yet to heal. And he died there, never to return to me...
    (Soldier Path)...We survived after the fight. We left our organization and returned to the ground together. But, he was heavily wounded. He soon passed away, leaving me behind. We were only able to spend a short time together in peace and quiet....
    (Mercenary Path) ...I returned alive from that battlefield. And I returned to this city, where I grew up. I left the organization too. I never went back to the sky again. There's no meaning there now that he's gone. He died in that fight...
    ...But I don't blame anyone. The regret and suffering that remained after that battle were also what he had given me. They're among the precious few things he left behind."
  • "It's that mercenary unit everyone's been talking about. Let's find out if they're really that good."
  • Espada 1: Espada 1 to Espada 2. It's time to stop the Demon Lord.
    Espada 2: This is Espada 2, roger. Lead the way.
  • "I'll move to support."
  • "Espada 1 give me a damage report.(Espada 1 does not reply and Marcela realises he is dead) ESPADA 1! I'll shoot down the Demon Lord on my own" (If player shoots down Espada 1 when his plane is damages

Anthony "Bedivere" Palmer

Sorcerer 1 : The Witness
  • "The king who sleeps at Avalon will become the new hero."
  • "Attention all units, that's the Galm team. Watch and learn."
  • "Target confirmed. Sorcerer 1 to all planes. Apply full thrust. Don't even think about heading back."
  • "The battle to realign the borders has moved to the meeting boardroom."
  • "Those lines will give birth to new conflict."
  • "'Demon Lord' was right. Everything he touched fell apart. I thought I was watching magic. When I was in the military, they called me an ace too. I got many medals for my actions on numerous battlefields. I never felt fear toward an opponent. The same went for my ideals. I wasn't afraid to take on even an entire country. But when I was fighting him, something felt different. At first I didn't know what it was. It wasn't until I realized my hands were shaking on the flight stick that I was fear. It's embarassing, but once I felt that, I couldn't fly anymore. I felt guilt towards my companions at the time. There's always a war somewhere, and I'm sure he's on some battlefield somewhere fighting even now. He'll always have a place to live."
  • "To all planes: If you're going down, drag him down with you."

Anton "Dr." Kupchenko

Gault 1 : The Guardian
  • "A world with no boundaries will eliminate all borders."
  • "Gault 1 to all units. Begin the operation. Let the victor be justice."
  • (Epitaph) "The gate to the new world has been opened. My soul shall be the wind that enters the gate. When the sleeping king awakes, My body, too, shall surely rise."
  • "Demon Lord of the Round Table. I was hoping to meet you under different circumstances."
  • "The Table is surrounded by politicians who have never set a foot on the battlefield."
  • "It's a disgusting squabble over who gets the largest share of the pie and that's why it needs to end."
  • "It is for that reason that we raised the King."
  • "So this is the demon lord? There's something about him..."
  • Demon Lord, you weren't supposed to be here. We could have fought together."
  • "Demon Lord of the Round Table, what is it you hope to achieve on the battlefield?"

Joshua "Lucan" Bristow

Wizard 1 : A Revolutionary
  • "This darkness and that little window are my entire world now. I'm actually rather fond of it. The darkness envelops me in a borderless world, a world with no boundaries. He was not the reason we were unable to change the world. No matter what the desired outcome is, the world can still change, as long as people expand their knowledge and desire change. Today's world has already changed from what it was back then."
  • "This is Wizard 1. The Demon Lord has entered the nest...Let's begin."
  • "We will carry out the new creation of destruction through the power of righteousness."
  • "Territories, peoples, authorities, all will be liberated."
  • "Neither nations nor nationalities have any meaning. We will erase these unnecessary borders."
  • "This is the final state. A World with No Boundaries we'll create."
  • "A world with no boundaries will pen a new story; the world will change."
  • "He's not destroying things unnecessarily, the Demon Lord is as good as they say."
  • "The Demon Lord has built himself up quite the name. Let's see if he can live up to it."
  • "I'll be hot on your tail until your fuel runs out..."


  • Pixy: It's starting to come down.
    Base Command: This is base command. Guess all you boys managed to get up. Galm 1, Galm 2, maintain course.
    Pixy: This is Galm 2. Roger that.
    Base Command: Bearing 315, Belkan bombers approaching.
    Pixy: No one wants to bail out into a mountain of ice. We're counting on you, flight leader.
    Base Command: All units, prepare to intercept.
    Pixy: You better have our pay ready and waiting.
    Base Command: That's assuming we're both going to make it through this alive.
    Pixy: Be ready to pay up. We'll be back before you know it.
  • Belkan Squadron: (in reaction to seeing the Schwarze squadron arrive) "This is the worst kind of support we could hope for!"
  • Belkan Squadron: "Low-life mercenaries! Only you would attack a plane that's out of comission!"
  • Ustio G: "Enough rambling will get you shot...uh oh, he's got me in his sights again!"
  • Ustio Squadron: "There's no time to even pick a target!"
  • Ustio Squadron: "Looks like Galm 2's gonna steal the show again."
  • PJ: "The city is going up in flames!"
    Pixy: "Learn to accept it, kid. This is war.
    PJ: You expect me to believe that arson and indiscriminate bombing is war?!"
    Pixy: "There's no mercy in war. It's a collision of powers."
    PJ: "Even war has a set of rules to follow!"
  • Schwarze Leader: "There's an annoying fly in the enemy. Alright, change of plans. We'll deal with the escaped craft later."
    Pixy: "Guess they've come to pick on the dead again."
  • AWACS Eagle Eye: "Galm team, we cannot authorize a retreat. Intercept them!"
    Pixy: "I figured you'd say that. This is gonna cost you extra."
  • Pixy: "Crow 3, if you get shot down, crash where I can't see."
    PJ: Roger that. Leave it to me.
  • PJ: "I fight for peace. That's what I'm up here for."
    Pixy: "While you're up here 'fighting for peace', tons of blood is being shed on the ground. Some peace, kid."
    PJ: "And I'm here to put an end to that."
    Pixy: "You think you can stop bloodshed by shedding more blood? Flying around with all those ideas swimming around your head will get you killed."
  • AWACS Eagle Eye: (after destroying the Excalibur) "Hey, PJ. Don't get too excited and crash, buddy!"
  • PJ: "Yehaw!"
  • AWACS Eagle Eye: Enemy aircraft have been detected close to Area B7R! There's no time to change course! Eliminate enemy forces in the Round Table and break through it!
    (if fighting the Sorcerer or Wizard Squadron) They have different ID signals than Belka.
  • Wizard 1: Larry, can you read me? Your fairy godmother's here, Cinderella.
    Pixy: How can you say that after what just happened?!
    Wizard 1:
    (laughing) Today's your lucky day, Larry. Like your birthday.
    Pixy: And you're here to pull me off in a magical hell I suppose....
    Pixy: Buddy, I've found a reason to fight
  • PJ: I've got a girlfriend back at the base. I think I'm going to propose to her when I get back. I even bought flowers.
    AWACS Eagle Eye: Warning! Unknown target approaching at high speed...Break! Break!
    PJ: Aah! Dang it!
    (PJ's plane takes a direct hit - shrapnel and glass sprays against the player's cockpit)
    Pixy: So...have you found a reason to fight yet? Buddy."
  • Airborne Troops: "Get your asses in gear people. You gotta jump or you're of no value to this unit!"
    Airborne Troops: "Anyone showing weakness
    will be left behind!"
    Airborne Troops: "Use your anger to get fired up and take 'em out! Understood?! Go get 'em!"
  • Airborne Troops: "Go! Go! Go!"
    Airborne Troops: "We're the best! We're the best!"
  • AWACS Eagle Eye: Confirmed reactivation of nuclear silo! Galm team, continue your mission, engage!
    AWACS Eagle Eye: Stand by. We're analyzing the situation!
    Pixy: Here comes the snow...
    AWACS Eagle Eye: Shoot down the enemy! I'll run a plane analysis and fill you in ASAP!
    Pixy: Those who survive a long time on the battlefield start to think they're invincible. I bet you do too, buddy.
  • Alberto Lopez (Espada 1): "The Demon Lord...a man whose only motivation in this war is money."
  • Brett Thompson: "The Demon Lord of the Round Table, a warrior who soared through the Belkan War, inspiring both fear and admiration. His presence filled the skies for but a few short months before he disappeared. Apart from that, nothing is known about him. I was never able to find out what kind of a person he really was. But whenever they talked about him, they always had a slight smile on their faces. That, perhaps, may be my answer."
  • Belkan Bomber: "This is Otto 5, IFF is out of commission. Unable to carry out duty. Withdrawing from operation airspace."

/>Valais AFB: "One of the bombers has left the battlefront, he must've chickened out." />Pixy: "Why would he leave after getting this far?"
/>Belkan "Low life mercenary, only a coward would shoot down a plane that's out of commision" (If Galm 1 shoots down the retreating Belkan Bomber

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception

  • Leasath Base Commander: There's nothing more we can do here. Escape!
    Leasath Base Soldier: Escape?! There aren't any flyable planes left!
    Leasath Base Commander: So, you'd better start running!
  • Alect 1: So, he's come! Which one of them is Nemesis?
    Alect 2: I've heard just about enough of your tall tales for one lifetime! It's time to see if you measure up!
    Alect 1: All Leasath fighters! Leave this one to me!
  • Leasath Fleet: Forget waiting for Archelon Fortress! We'll decide this here and now!
  • Naiad: This is the Naiad. We've secured the target, and are commencing extraction. (mine explodes, severing Naiad's controls)

/>Naiad: What the?!! This is the Naiad. Hull breached! We've struck a mine!
Aurelia Squadron: Naiad! Are you alright? What's the damage!
Naiad: The diving control systems and rudder are out! Controls are barely responding! We're surfacing! (
Naiad surfaces)
Crux: The Naiad has surfaced.
  • Crux: Airborne fortress, missile launched!
  • Gleipnir Crew: All allied ground forces have withdrawn from Santa Elva.
    Gleipnir Captain: Excellent. Now we can destroy those vile Aurelians with our Shock Cannon.
  • Crux: To all aircraft. This is likely to be our final sortie. Unlike you, fighting on the front lines, I stay behind and watch the battle through my monitor. I'm in no position to ask anything from you, but please allow me this one request. End this war, and come back home to Aurelia. That is all.
  • Crux: You've done it sir! ... Let's head back Aurelia.
  • Crux: Gryphus 1 is down! Do you read me Gryphus 1? Sir! (when the player crashes)
  • Crux: Gryphus 1! Come in! Oh, no! He's been shot down! (when the player is shot down by enemy)
  • Leasath Pilot: "Suddenly, this guy's really good. So this is the true Nemesis!" "What was the deal with his flying before? Was he just playing us for fools?" "Damn, this is some serious flying! I can't keep up!"
  • Crux: Missile approaching. It's flying towards the city. (missile hits near Atmos Ring)

/>A.L.C. Soldier: What was that?! />A.L.C. Leader: It looks like a missile just struck the park! />A.L.C. Soldier: Damn them! Our city's being destroyed! />Crux: A medium-range missile hit the capital's defense perimeter. It looks like it came from outside! Missile carriers are surrounding the capital! Dammit...the Skylla Unit...
  • Leasath Base Soldier: It's a squadron of enemy fighters!

/>Leasath Base Commander: What?! Didn't our last attack finish off all remaining Aurelian air power? />Leasath Base Soldier: Look for yourself. None of our guys have a Southern Cross!
  • Crux:(with jamming) (Skylla Unit vehicle knocks down an electric steel tower)What?!...steel tower's...knocked down!
  • Hamlet Unit: Hamlet Unit to base command. Preperations complete.

/>Base Commander: Hamlet Unit, release the gas. Make them feel the pain we have endured at our hands. />Hamlet Unit:...Commencing operation.
  • Aurelian Squadron: Don't panic! We've got the Southern Cross!
  • Aurelian Liberation Corps Leader: Onward! Onward! We'll steal Leasath's weapons and use them to take back Griswall!!
    ALC Soldier: We'll show Leasath just how pissed we really are!
  • Aurelian Fleet: 1st Fleet to 3rd Fleet. Any sign of the Gleipnir?
    Aurelian Fleet: Third Fleet. No sign of it yet.
    Aurelian Fleet: Understood. Continue your patrol of the area.
    (Jet engine noise)
    Aurelian Fleet: What's that sound?
    (Gleipnir appears above the fleet)
    Aurelian Fleet: Look! It's the Gleipnir!
    Aurelian Fleet: Don't just stand there! Attack! Target the Gleipnir!
    Aurelian Fleet: Commence cannon fire!! Hit it with everything we've got!
    Aurelian Fleet: The SWBM can't reach us here, but watch out for conventional ordnance!
    Aurelian Fleet: Look! The disk on the's started to glow! What's it gonna...
    (Flash of blue and white light - the Aurelian fleet explodes)
    Aurelian Fleet: The ships under the Gleipnir just...disintegrated!
    Aurelian Fleet: What the hell was that?!
  • Aurelian Squadron: Our lives are in your hands Southern Cross, lead the way!
  • Crux: We did it... the airborne fortress is falling... [excitedly] the Gleipnir is crashing!
  • Leasath Fleet: Come on! Ain't that all you got? Just try and sink us, bastards!
  • Major Bergman: So you're Gryphus One, huh? I'm Major Bergman, ground force commander. There are landing ships within the enemy fleet. We'll lose the battle if a battalion is allowed to make it ashore. Do not allow more than three landing ships to enter the port. We'll be risking our necks out here with you. Let's take back Port Patterson!
  • Port Patterson Commander: Huh? Wait, I've got something on radar. Put the city on high alert! I don't want so much as a kitten out on those streets! Just make sure that bridge is raised!
  • Alect 1: Roger that. Alect 1, taking off.
    Alect 2: Alect 2, taking off.
  • Leasath Fleet: Evade! Hard to port!
  • Leasath Base Soldier: Fenrir's been destroyed!

/>Leasath Base Commander: Put out that fire! Protect the control system! />Leasath Base Soldier: It's no good, the fire's spreading! Dammit! It spread all the way in here! />Leasath Base Commander: Use whatever you can find! Put the fire out! Leasath's future depends on it! />Leasath Base Soldier: It's no good! The fire extinguishing system is out! />Leasath Base Commander: The future of our country destroyed, all because of one single pilot: Nemesis! />Leasath Base Soldier: It's too late! There's nothing we can do! Run for it!
  • Crux: We've made it this far, sir.

/>Ninox 1: I can make them out now. The Atmos Ring and the Gaiuss Tower. />Ninox 2: Make me sick! Look at them, acting like they own the place! />Ninox 1: Ninox 2, you're too far ahead. Please stay on alert. />Ninox 2: We've finally made it to the capital! Let's blast those Leasath bastards out! />Ninox 1: Wait...I'm getting readings from the Meson Cannon! (MBSRs fire, shooting down Ninox 2) />Ninox 1: Ninox 2's been shot down! />Crux: The Meson Cannon's force is multiplied by the MBSRs. Stay sharp up there!
  • Crux: I've got a reading on radar! Something's coming in at high speed... It's a missile!!

/>Rick: WHAT!? Where!? Where is it? Answer me now! EUGENE! />Crux: The Puna Plains! The missile's coming from the Puna Plains! The Gleipnir!? />Roy: Hey, that better not be what I think it is... />Crux: It's an SWBM! Get outta there now! />Rick: Where should I go!? Where's it coming from!? How far is it!? />Crux: It's no use!! We're too late!! (SWBM explodes, almost all planes explode, with Gryphus 1 and another pilot, whose plane is trailing smoke, the only survivors.) />Crux: Gryphus 2! Come in, Gryphus 2!(pause) Gryphus 2! Gryphus 3!! A-anyone!!

Lt Col Victor Voychek

  • "Engage the enemy at will following Nimbus impact. Finish them off!"
  • "Calling all Strigon planes, Gracemeria shall be ours for the taking!"
  • [Arriving in Gracemeria] "The ceiling has collapsed in the Central Station. From there, the city seems resigned to its fate, beneath the Estovakian flag. What a pitiful sight. But at least there are no craters to mar the land. They are lucky in that sense."

Melissa Herman

  • "That awful sound... and the shaking... Was that a blast of wind, from an explosion?"
  • "I'd like to say hello! Hello to all Emmerian Air Force pilots in the northern sky."
  • "I don't know a whole lot about war. But... But there's something I need to tell you."

Matilda Herman

  • "Dance with an angel, mom!"
  • "[in response to radio broadcaster]Go dance with the angels, mister!"
  • "[in response to Ghost Eye telling her mom that she's broadcasting on a military airband]Please, pilots! Listen to my mom! She has something important to say!

Lt Cmdr Ilya Pasternak

  • [When asked if he knows of Garuda-1] "Know him? My sole reason of being sent here was to fight him."
  • "Toscha, give me one of those apples you have there. Then go have a dance with the angels, will ya?"
  • "Toscha, come now Toscha. You better learn more control than that if you want to impress your sweetheart. Terrible, I tell ya."
  • "Gentlemen, I do not believe a lady on Earth would be able to resist us now."
  • "Your deaths will achieve nothing."
  • "Besides, half the female population is waiting your return."
  • "Corrupt governments and marred lands are no longer worth fighting to protect. There’s only one thing worth protecting now. And that’s the future!"
  • [before dying] "The Strigon Team has fled the combat air space. We've won...[static]"
  • It's time to let my sins take reign.

Lt Toscha Misajik

  • [Looking at his Su-33 Flanker] "This is my girl. No matter how badly things may look down here, we will not be defeated with me in this baby."
  • "I also like our chances with the new Captain charge. He seems more like an older brother than some pushy authority figure."
  • "My 'older brother' seems to have a soft spot for the poor and downtrodden in this city."
  • "Forgive me, Ludmilla...I failed to bring you happiness."


  • [To Voychek] "You've lost your wings, but you've gained the land in return. Now you can see the sky as these people do, the people living here on this land. Voychek, are you really going to sit here and let the sky fall down on these people?"

AWACS Ghost Eye

  • "Airborne Warning and Control System Ghost Eye to all scrambling defense craft. The situation has not yet been ascertained.We must implement an emergency reformation."
  • "All planes, we're going to take back Gracemeria today!"
  • "Ghost Eye to Garuda team, listen up. Aircraft that have already completed their operation objective are being sent your way. Call them in when you need back up."
  • "Even after the darkest nights, morning always comes."
  • "An emergency wire just came in from Mission Command."
  • "What's this...missiles!?"
  • "All planes, let's move out!"
  • "There are aircraft out there providing ESM. You'll be in a world of hurt if you let 'em go!"

Lt Marcus "Shamrock" Lampert

  • "May the Golden King smile upon us."
  • "I know it's dangerous, but it's time for me to dance with the angels!"
  • "Guess we'd better lay off the stunts today!"
  • "Let's do this, Garuda-1!"
  • "Now this is what I call a Squadron!"
  • "Take a look, it's the mainland."
  • [Watching the Aigaion descend into the ocean] "Back to the sea you go. May you rest.. in quiet slumber."
  • "What the hell is with these guys?! Haven't we seen enough death?"
  • "I'm sending all of you straight to hell!"
  • "No one can stop us now!"
  • "Try not to hit the (King's) Bridge, Talisman; it's the pride of our city!"
  • "Bust some heads Talisman! Take care of business!"
  • "Talisman, an angel doesn't turn in his wings until after his last dance, right?"

Sgt McKnight

  • "We've got a chance with those guys watching over us up there."
  • "It's that bird emblem."
  • "Now's our chance men...move in! Thanks flyboys, you guys ain't so bad!"


  • Cavallia Airport Controller: "All aircraft under airborne control following take-off. This is not a drill! I repeat, this is not a drill!"
  • Emmeria Independence Radio DJ: "This just in! Apparently our heroes have made it back to the mainland!"
  • Estovakian Pilot: "All Strigon team members, assemble for takeoff. For the glory of our country..."
  • Aigaion Command: "Nimbus launched!"
  • "Radio:" [while playing with a toy plane] "Garuda team, engage!"
  • AWACS Ghost Eye: [upon seeing Pasternak in his Nosferatu] "It's a fighter; a fast one! [Pasternak fires a barrage of ADMMs] Missiles approaching! Multiple missiles appraching! Evade!"

/>Emmerian Pilot: "I can't evade the- arghhhh!!!"
  • Estovakian Pilot: [Garuda 1 fires his machine gun at an enemy plane] "I've been strafed; who the hell did that?!"
  • AWACS Ghost Eye: "Air Defense Command has ordered an evacuation. You've been ordered to give up Gracemeria.

/>Windhover: "There's no way we're going to follow that order!" />AWACS Ghost Eye: "We are militarily at a huge disadvantage here. Comply with the order." />Avalanche: "This is Avalanche, we're not going anywhere!" />AWACS Ghost Eye: "Listen! It's only temporary. The plan is to withdraw, meet up with all remaining forces from each area, then regroup for a counterattack!"
  • Avalanche: "Are we even now, Garuda?"

/>Shamrock: "Avalanche, I got that fighter off your tail. Looks like you've still got a loan to pay off!" />Avalanche: "But don't forget about that 2nd Typhoon I shot down for you. That oughtta count for something!" />Snake Pit: "You two have a lot to learn from Talisman; he never takes out loans up here![roars with laughter]"
  • Avalanche: "I'm a little too red in the face to go home yet."

/>AWACS Ghost Eye: "Roger that, Avalanche! We'll just report that you were gunned down and missing in action." />Shamrock: [laughing] That's pretty harsh, Ghost Eye."
  • Aigaion Command: "Aigaion to Strigon Team, we are prepared to launch."

/>Lt Col Voychek: "Strigon Leader to Aigaion, we will commence mission operations once your delivery is complete."
  • Sky Kid: "I'm still dancing here. Go on without me."

/>AWACS Ghost Eye: "Don't give me that, Sky Kid! It's past your bedtime!" />Windhover: You'd make a scary mother, Ghost Eye.*scoffs* But I guess we should be getting back.
  • Shamrock: "Talisman, think you could go out with Avalanche instead of me? I need to be alone tonight ...[long pause] my wife and daughter are both dead; it's just been cofirmed. What kind of an 'ace' can't even protect his own family? Monica... and Jessica... HOW COULD I LET THIS HAPPEN?! Once this mission's over, I'm turning in my wings. I've had it, I have no more reason to fly..."
  • Chandelier Lyric: Ages pass. Snow falls.
    All the earth sleeps beneath a blanket of white
    Darkness clouds the sky
    Snow falls on without end.
    Recalling our past we march on
    Times of turmoil shall pass.
    Dawn fills our hearts with pure light
    All our hopes rise with the brilliant.
    Sun rises with faith in tomorrow, we march on.
  • Emmerian POW: "Lieutenant, a little advice for ya: "go dance with the angels!". 'Cept I bet you couldn't dance your way out of a paper bag.
  • Emmerian POW: [thinking, as Lt. Col. Voychek walks in to interrogate him.] So this guy's up next, huh. I hope he's happy with my name, rank, number, and birthday, 'cuz that's all he's gonna get outta me."
  • Emmerian POW: [thinking, while Voychek is interrogating him] "[Voychek, being referred to as "Hawk Eyes"] must've broken his wings during combat. Hey, look at me, I'm no different."
  • Estovakian Broadcaster:"[Over the radio to Matilda Herman] Step on up here, little girl, what do you have to say about all this?"

/>Matilda Herman: "[Over the radio] Go dance with the angels, mister![punches broadcaster] />Estovakian Broadcaster: "[Over the radio] Ow!"
  • Chandelier Control Room: "Preparing Stauros (missile) for launch. Initiate loading."

/>AWACS Ghost Eye: "Cruise missile! They've just initiated the launch sequence!"
  • Snake Pit: I've got a wire from control. It says that anyone without plans after the mission is to meet up in the briefing room.

/>Avalanche: Count me out. />Blizzard: He can't be serious. />Windhover: Leave it to the pencil-pushers to ruin all our fun. />Snake Pit: There's also a P.S. here. He wants to know if pumpkin pie'll do for dessert. />Serac: Maybe he's not so bad after all.
  • Sky Kid: I'd just like to say, "Mission accomplished."
  • Snake Pit: Mind if I drop my altitude a bit? Can't see the fireworks from up here.

/>Ghost Eye: Get your head out of the clouds and focus on the mission. We're still at war here. />Snake Pit: Hmph. Right. Roger that.
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